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Anahata Yoga Retreat – Karuna

Richard came to work here at a time when all our systems seemed to breakdown simultaneously and we were in great need of IT guidance. He is always responsible, easy to communicate with, has calmly and with good humour worked through problem solving in various areas including setting up a new and cheaper internet system, got all our computers and systems up to date, sorting out network, backup and many other spontaneous issues as well as getting us onto a customised online booking system designed for our unique needs.

Richard works well with the constantly changing office volunteers from around the world and has been helping us to be more efficient and and find solutions so we can run the office with more ease. I can not say enough positive about Richard and the quality of his work and on top of that we enjoy his company up here immensely as well.

Tui Balms – Keith Orr

Richard has been working with us for a couple of years now and working with him is a pleasure. He’s very flexible in his response to our needs and has always had a solution to everything we put in front of him. Whether it’s networking, rebuilding, restoring, printing or anything related to a small, internet-connected business, Richard has looked after our needs. He undoubtedly has a broad technical ability and we highly recommend him.

Keith Orr